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Newest version: CurveLab 2.1.2 (April 2008), which includes mirror-extended (ME) curvelets

The sister webpage for the wave atom transform is at

The Curvelet transform is a higher dimensional generalization of the Wavelet transform designed to represent images at different scales and different angles.  Curvelets enjoy two unique mathematical properties, namely:

• Curved singularities can be well approximated with very few coefficients and in a non-adaptive manner - hence the name "curvelets."  

• Curvelets remain coherent waveforms under the action of the wave equation in a smooth medium.  

More information can be found in the papers below.  By releasing the CurveLab toolbox, we hope to encourage the dissemination of curvelets to image processing, inverse problems and scientific computing.

The team: Emmanuel Candes, Laurent Demanet, David Donoho, Lexing Ying.

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